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Home Automation

We can design your home's capabilities to meet your lifestyle. From customized thermostat settings to automatic security features, let your house do the work so you don’t have to. 

Receive alerts when there are leaks, smoke or other  problems so you can prevent further damage        immediately.

It's not easy managing a second home, especially when it is miles away. A Z-Wave Smart Home allows you to receive immediate alerts at first detection of a water leak, open window or door, smoke and more.

Computer Repair

Damage is a frequent occurrence for all forms of technology. Whether your device is a laptop, cell phone or anything alike, MTCS can perform a full diagnostic. Determining the damage, possible cause and actions for correction. In some instances the incurred damage surmounts cost of a new device. We pride ourselves in transparency when solving such issues and always guarantee our best recommendations and services.

Chip Probing
Web Consultation

Technology Consultation

Electronics, for personal or business use, are always an investment. There are seemingly endless configurations in electronics. Sometimes so many that it becomes hard to determine what is best for you. With a thorough consultation, our professionals can narrow down what was thousands of options into a few specific ones. By discussing your needs and how you plan to use your new technology, we are confident to find a perfect fit! 

Small Electronics

Master Tech knows that not every electronic issue or inquiry is a computer. We are dedicated to offering assistance with all technology including devices such as smart phones and tablets. Whether your device is in need of screen/battery replacement, you have encountered an application issue or anything in-between, Master Tech is happy to help! If you feel hesitant that we might not be able to help, when in doubt remember...if it plugs into an outlet, Master Tech knows about it! 

Computer with Graph

Computer Performance Optimization

Keep your technology running at peak performance to insure optimal performance and lifespan! From pesky viruses to program/software updates, there are countless reasons your computer could be functioning below its potential. Routine diagnostics and corrections could be exactly what your computer is in need of! 

(This service is quick and efficient. It can easily be added onto a scheduled service appointment!)

Technology Lessons

With the quickly expanding and forever changing environment of technology, keeping up with the newest devices can cause unnecessary confusion. If you feel stress around mastering your technology no matter if it is your Smart TV, Laptop or Smart Phone, MTCS offers one-on-one assistance with electronic lessons.

We are versed on current operating systems, software, internet services, smart home devices and mobile devices. Let us make your life a little easier and a little less confusing! 

Security Alarm

Seasonal Connection

We understand that there are many residents who call Collier County a seasonal home. With having two residents there can be worry regarding maintaining function and security in whichever home is unoccupied. 

For our clients in Collier, we can deliver seasonal connection and disconnection. We will run tests on mobile security cameras, make sure home automation is functioning correctly, and install any updates required for other technology, follow any needed measures for cable/internet services, as well as go over how to best shut down anything you are unsure about. 

Technology isn't always so cut, dry and simple. We are here for your technology needs. Be it; Security systems and cameras, home thermostats, new computers or a custom built PC for a gift, we know how to get it done for you. 


Our Services

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