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I use MTCS in Collier County, but I have multiple residencies, what if I need help elsewhere? 

MTCS is proud to offer remote computer connection and can perform a vast majority of our services from the convenience of you home or business, no matter its location! Check out our remote service option or contact us for details:

Will I ever be contacted by someone claiming to be an internet service (Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc) without contacting them first myself ? 

Absolutely not. If you have not reached out to the company yourself then you should always assume that it is a phishing attempt and DO NOT answer. Many times these scams are not caught until money has already been transferred and it is too late. If you are ever questioning an email or attempted contact by a company as such, MTCS will gladly take a look and steer you in the correct direction of action. 

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials, should I try to fix my technology problem before contacting an IT professional? 

While there are some industries where it is always better to try and fix something yourself before asking for help, technology does not fall in this category. There are many ways that incorrect attempts to fix internet or software issues can result in a much more taxing repair than what it originally would have been. If you feel confident and have repaired the issue before, absolutely, give it a shot. However, if you have any doubt, always contact a professional, it can drastically reduce the steps necessary to restore your device to optimal function. 

I am leaving for season and wont be back for several months. Are there any steps I need to take for my technology before I leave?

There are two answers to this question. 

1. If you have an automated home (a Ring doorbell, security cameras, Smart thermostat, etc) We recommend scheduling an in-home appointment with a professional to have all of your remote services and connections verified before your departure. The last thing you will want while you are away is for the security features of your home to become unresponsive. 

2. If you are not worried about automated services, this is a matter of personal preference. Many seasonal residents like to discontinue all internet and computer services during their Florida absence. In this case we do offer a specialized service for seasonal connection and disconnection, to ensure you can pick up right where you left off when you return. 

What happens if I need service outside of your business hours? 

We are happy to answer phone calls outside of our business hours. However there is a different fee that is charged for these calls/appointments. Our out of hours call/appointment fee is our normal hourly rate plus an additional 50%. 

Can MTCS perform emergencies Calls/Appointments? 

Yes. Although MTCS tries our best to service our clients as soon as possible, typically within 24-48 hours, sometimes emergencies do come up. If you are in need of immediate assistance, we will do our best to accommodate an appointment for you as soon as we can. 

Our fee for emergency appointments (within 4 hours of the appointment request): Double normal hourly fees.

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