Covid - 19 Information

Pre-Register Now for the COVID-19 Vaccine 

Or Call the pre-registration number for Collier County at: 866-201-4885

Publix Sign Ups

If you are attempting to make an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccination please click on the Publix logo below.  If you are prompted to proceed to make an appointment, you will be asked for your Medicare #, Date of Birth, allergies you may have, and a few Yes or No questions.  You must then click on Collier or your preferred county location for the vaccine.  



Registrations have typically been Wednesday and Friday at 6am but is subject to change

WalMart and Sam's Club Sign Ups

To check availability and schedule an appointment once they’re available select either Walmart or Sam's Club above.


Membership is not required to get a vaccination at Sam’s Club, though no Southwest Florida locations have yet been announced as receiving the vaccine.

City of Marco Island Covid Sign ups

The city of Marco Island recently opened up Covid-19 Vaccination sign ups on Wednesday the 27th and were quickly booked. They are not currently accepting other sign ups but when they do it will be posted on their website linked below.

Department of Health-Collier

The department of health - collier is still using the eventbrite system. There are currently no appointments on the system but click the logo below to check for new listings. 

Wink News

Wink news is our local news broadcaster and keeps tabs on most of the systems that allow signups for vaccinations. Feel free to use them as a source to increase your chances of getting an appointment.